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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Daddy Bracelets™

Do you have a question that is not listed here? Please call or email me at and I would be happy to answer any of your questions about my DADDY BRACELETS™ or FATHER BRACELETS™. I also make DADDY NECKLACES™ and FATHER NECKALCES™ Live Help

Question? My husband has a very large wrist will it fit him?

Answer... The Greek Leather Bracelet cord will be 12" long. If you think he will need it longer please use the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" at the very very end of the ordering process and let me know that you would like it a little longer :) YOU knot the cord after you put it on and cut off the ends.

Question? What kind of cord do you use?

Answer... I use 2mm Black Greek leather cording. You tie it in a knot to fit your wrist and then cut off or singe the ends.

Question? What are the alphabet letters made of?

Answer... I use sterling silver alphabet block letters on these bracelets. They come in two sizes. 4.5mm alphabet cubes and 5.5 alphabet cubes.

Question? How many childrens' names fit on a bracelet ?

Answer...That depends how long your children's names are. You could have up to 10 names, depending on the length of the names and the size of your wrist or neck.

Question? Can I get special characters on my bracelet?

Answer...Yes! We have several special characters to choose from. You can send pictures of the ones that are available on the ordering pages.


I am getting this error message: Is your site secure? error message

This is a 2-fold question. My website payment processing area IS SECURE. All of your personal and financial information you enter in will be encrypted when it is sent through. You will not enter any personal information on my web pages, just details about your order, color, size, length, clasp etc... after you push ADD TO CART you will be sent to the payment processing page which IS SECURE. I have been in business or 10 years and NEVER had any problems =)

I don't want to use Paypal. Is there another way to pay for my purchases?
Yes, I can send you an invoice via email and instead of using Paypal you will send the money directly to my bank (bypassing Paypal). You may also call me to place your order or send a USPS money order through the mail.



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